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"Awaken The God Within"

 Join us on a remarkable journey to "Awaken The God Within" and unlock your limitless potential. We invite you to visit our website and embark on a transformative exploration of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and personal empowerment. Our platform is designed to guide you toward a deeper connection with your inner divinity through enlightening articles, profound insights, and transformative practices. Whether you seek to expand your consciousness, tap into your innate wisdom, or manifest a life of abundance and purpose, our website offers a sacred space for you to explore, learn, and grow. Are you ready to step into your true power and embrace the divine essence within you? Visit our website today and embark on the extraordinary journey of self-realization and spiritual evolution. Together, let us awaken the god within and create a world of limitless possibilities. Our platform is designed to guide you toward a deeper connection with your inner divinity through transformative practices.

Your transformation begins with a simple call

The Magic in You is called Freedom

For your entire life, you have been suppressed and hypnotized into a societal limitation it has become so vast and normal you don't even realize that it is happening anymore. You were born connected to source and full-on magic but something or someone else didn't want you to uncover your power. It is time to truly know thy self.

The Process (One To One Programs)

This private program is designed to resurrect the forgotten magic within you.

Be The Magic (Career Training)

Be a Trance Alchemist (this is an advanced hypnotherapy training)

Live workshops

With Dr.Dwaine Hartman

Gather 30 people to book my one day workshop and I will come to your town or city. 
Awaken The God Within. Become the magic the world needs to feel.

You were born magic

Steph MacDonald and Dr.Dwaine Hartman

This is a 1 hr vid

A peek into Dr. Dwaine Hartman The Trance Alchemist 

What Clients Say About The Work

Dwaine is an ancient wise soul who came to guide and support us with his deep compassion and love. He cares about all of us so deeply and our freedom and happiness is his deepest desire and intention. I have been supported by Dwaine and his pure vibrational work for years. Even his silent presence can be so powerful that you immediately feel safe and connected to your own Source. Thank you, Dwaine for your magnificent impact! You are deeply loved and appreciated!

Lana Elco

For many years of my life I have been seaching. Not sure for what, but a search of a feeling - a feeling of belonging, selflove and knowing who I truly was. I have search in many corners, but never found my answers. Not until I found Dwaine. He made me see and feel that all of what I have been seaching for is too be found inside myself. He help and guided me to find my way "back home".I am truly and forever gratefull for you Dwaine.
With all my heart - Thank you

Louise Bech Breinholt

Dwaine helped me reconnect with the light and love outside of and within me. He helped me shift  from feeling flat and lost in pitch-darkness to sighing with relief after many many months and feeling inner peace. My practical issues haven't magically disappeared, but the disempowered and stagnant feelings that I had a lowed to grow in me have. After our chat, i even saw a shooting star! Thank you for your wisdom, warmth and awesome smile Dwaine!

Alexia Amvrazi

Just wanted to say THANK YOU Dr Dwaine Hartman you really helped me!!! You took away my Gout with your hypnotherapy!!!!! NO more PAIN!!! I can walk again!!!!!! With your permission can I put on my FB how your hypnotherapy took away my Gout. Your amazing, keep doing what your doing because you change peoples' lives. You have no idea what this means to me. I'm free again, I can walk again!!!! xoxox

Kristofer Marjanovic

I am passionate about this beautiful soul. Wherever you are in your own spiritual growth, Dwaine has amazing ways to activate you into spaces where the magic truly happens. His eyes carry truths, and you will remember in you that you have long forgotten. Check him out ... You have nothing to lose!

Shannon Lacy

I just had an amazing 1st class with Dr. Dwaine. I was so impressed with the techniques that he showed me. I am definitely recommending him to all my friends for a great spiritual healing and learning!

Tati Sun