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A Little About Dwaine                         

 I showed up this life time on November 11, 1964... for a few more trips around your sun. I have recollection of many times here, but a few really stand out for me. The first one being an ancient Celtic life and an ancient Egyptian life. I also have memory of life times off world as well.
Since childhood I have this unique ability to assist people to raise vibrational frequency (feeling) very fast. I attribute this talent to my ancient knowledge of Emotional Alchemy that I seem to have brought with me. Through this ancient knowledge I know how to deepen the connection to the great self. utilizing this wisdom makes an interesting fast journey for you into the deep connection to your Magical Consciousness.

Since childhood I have been an abductee , but my experience was with beings who had a very keen interest in humanities natural evolution. They were the most loving beings I ever met and very concerned with the control humans were under. They groomed me for what I do now to think different than the mass to see solutions by knowing a deep connection to the eternal freedom of source. I am Light in a human form, as all are. I have come to this plane of existence through lowering my vibration into the denser energy called mass, stepping into an embodiment called Dwaine. I enjoy it here, being an author, teacher , healer and guide through multiple mediums like TV, Radio , Video. There is one reason I'm here... that is to fulfill my spirits purpose... to help as many beings in human form light up in the freedom and remembrance of their true nature (to free yourself). To see people feel the connection to their greater self and move into full awareness and expression of that is my passion.

This profession is not a new thing for me ... this is what I have done my entire life just ask any of my friends ... it is not a job to me... it is who I am. 

Credentials and validations...

I have been certified and working in full time practice since 1999.

Since childhood I did the same work I simply worked without credentials.

I helped thousands of clients and taught hundreds of students since 1999. 

I hold two honorary Doctorate Degrees, one in Metaphysics and one in Divinity 

I also am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have Advanced Language Patterns and Advance Language Mastery Certifications. 

I have had the privilege to learn from the work of Dr. Milton Erickson, Dr. Dave Dobson, and Richard Bandler (NLP).

I have been personal friend and business partner with Larry McLauchlin author of Advanced Language Patterns Mastery before his passing.

I am the Creator of...

The Hartman Approach to Hypnotherapy

New Modalities I have Created: 

Trance Alchemy (Feel The Magic) (Be The Magic) and (The Magical Consciousness series) 

(Empath Upgrade) (The Magical Inner Child) ( The Hartman Approach to Inner Child Work) (Remove The Critic)   

Co author of the book Value Your Vibration

I ran my own radio show and online TV show for many years as well now i simply do Facebook and YouTube Live. 

I travel the world now doing Live workshops  

For more information on me check out the links below or google me Dwaine Hartman.  

For personal sessions 

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We move no where in our journey to freedom

We simply sit comfortably in our chair

Allowing perceptions to change

Discovering there is no time, distance and space

You don't have to wait any longer

The magic is the flexibility of your perception

The most important of these is your image of self

Because your perception of you changes everything

Your reality is only a perception you hold of you.

By: Dwaine Hartman

My Mission

I am here at this time on earth, to assist people to reconnect with their natural evolutionary experience. This natural evolution has been interrupted, blocked and even discouraged in your experience of life here on Mother Earth by your peers. This interruption is why you don't feel good, why you are depressed and why you feel stuck in the wheel of life.

Coming into this reality as an awakened being, I wanted to know how they were turning magnificent, majestically beautiful Gods and Goddesses into limited, scared beings. How powerful creators were turned into mere shadows of the brilliance that resides in their natural, state of being? It truly baffled me with the knowing I came in with as a child. You see, I see you and I know who you truly are. I know you are divine in nature, powerful beyond comprehension and you come from infinite, unlimited potential.

My mission in life is to free you into your greatness, by unblocking you, and setting you free into your own expansion. Releasing the pain and hurt you hold inside, the accumulated dis-empowering beliefs still working in the background like viruses, popping in when triggered and running your life. In my many years of practicing hypnotherapy, I have discovered the precise blocks that stop people from their own evolution, returning them to their truth, of being the free and empowered individual they were always meant to be. Everyone's healing is unique, as unique as all that exists. I have dedicated my life to the human evolution and my mission is to bring the magic back to you.

Reality is a dance between imagination and realization

Neither one holds claim

But something is birthed to form... from the union

Dark matter and light both harmonically coalesce

It is the ancient dance of creation

Emptiness is form and form is emptiness

The eternal paradox... just slightly beyond the thinking of the dualistic mind

With it's black and white... good and bad ... right and wrong

Everything is and is not at the same time,

in the same moment even your reality

True magic and freedom is found in this space

We all can go there

Be this space in between

By:Dwaine Hartman

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