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Dr.Dwaine Hartman The Trance Alchemist

World renowned certified clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Dwaine Hartman has amazed many world wide with his out of the box methods of therapy. Working as a hypnotherapist for over 20 years in full time practice he sees clients and teaches student online over zoom to transform their lives quickly. In his practice over the 20 years he has evolved the field of hypnotherapy with new cutting edge techniques and shifts in perception of what the subconscious really is. Creator of the God Consciousness Activation people experience a deep connection with their original consciousness that is not found in the left brain but over in the creative right brain. This is a burred but magical consciousness that we all have and are being hypnotized out of since birth. For the last 10 years Dr. Dwaine Hartman has lectured and conducted workshops all over the USA and Europe teaching Trance Alchemy a hybrid version of hypnotherapy where the subconscious is seen for what it is ...the god within. If your ready for the magical truth of you to come out and change the world book a time with him you will be amazed at what you can do when your done the process.

The amazing thing about Dwaine is he lives in a magical consciousness so when you talk with him you will slip in that place with him … He is magic like that.

 The history of the wizard of the north Dr. Dwaine Hartman The Trance Alchemist 

In the beginning

As a child, Dwaine grew up on the farm in a natural environment.

He remembered and talked about his life before he was here.

He always believed that magic and miracles are real. He would talk to animals and they would talk back to him. He never lost that ability.

Whatever you do, do not bring your cat or dog to the event or appointment because you will lose Dwaine’s attention he still would much rather talk to animals.

There was defiantly something about his formative years and his ability to talk to a collective consciousness of animals. I think that is what gives him a unique ability with people. It is like he can look right through you and see the magic in you. Once he sees you, you get this warm feeling inside and this amazing part of you comes forward and starts healing everything in your life. 

A 40 year journey as a healer

In high school, Dwaine started doing journeys for people because he found that the stories made them feel better. He also used a unique laughter technique to break up patterns of sadness and depression. Much later on, in life, he was surprised to find that one of his teachers Dr. Dave Dobson used the same technique. 

In his 20’s his spirituality excelled. He read and put into practice books like The Life And Teachings of The Masters of The Far East, The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, and RAMTHA (The White Book). Some of his teachers of the time were RAMTHA, Stuart Wilde and, Dr.Wayne Dayer. This lead to his work in Awakening The God Within. There were many out-of-this-world experiences that happened to him at this time like Levitation, Ascension, Teleportation, and even an abduction from a very loving group of beings that wanted to remind him why he was here. 

In his 30’s he decided to put all his wisdom into practice and became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist to help others. He started seeing clients in the house, worked for Positive Changes Hypnosis, then got a small office in the town of Legal Alberta. There he built his training center and developed his own brand of hypnotherapy, (The Hartman Approach to Hypnotherapy). Later he moved his office and training center into the city of Edmonton. 

In his 40’s his work moved more to a global level. As he says my square footage reduced as my laptops got bigger. All his sessions and training moved to online for the exception of his live events.

He knew if he was going to reach the world with his work, live events would have to happen, he would have to find a way to maintain his clients and training on the road so he went online. 

He was one of the pioneers in online therapy and training at the time where now it is commonplace.  

At about 45 here Dwaine did his first live event in California at the hotel Maya then off to Berkeley that same week teaching Awakening the God Within. He had joined up with Kelli Coffee and called themselves The Raw Truth Tour covering many venues across the USA. Meanwhile conducting sessions and training over his new mobile office …His laptop.

It was at this time he realized that his modality had outgrown the definitions of hypnotherapy it was much more refined so he called it Trance Alchemy and his events were called Feel The Magic and he became The Trance Alchemist.

In his 50’s Dwaine traveled overseas and did a series of workshops Feel The Magic Awakening The God Within in Greece. He stayed three months but never really came back home in his heart. He fell in love with Greece and Greece fell in love with him so he works manifesting his return and to live there in his home Greece.

His lifes work spans over 40 years creating processes so you can feel what he felt as a boy… The God Consciousness within . On Nov 11 2016 he was honoured with two doctorates degrees one in Metaphysics and one in Divinity for his life’s work.

Dr. Dwaine Hartman is a true magician.

A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master in Advance Language Patterns, he is The Trance Alchemist and holds 2 honorary Dr. Degrees one in Divinity and one in Metaphysics. Oh He is also a Ordained Minister.

When it comes to human psychology Dwaine is an innovator in processes that free you in a short time. The first thing you will notice is it feels like you already know him.

The processes are fun you laugh a lot from the freedom you experience as you come back to your true nature.

His true gift is the ability to bring freedom, magic, and the flow of life out of you and into your life again. So you will experience high vibrational healing and laugh about it the whole time with him.

He has dedicated over 40 years to freeing people back to their magical consciousness in private online sessions to training and live events his reach is global.

His unique gift that he is sought out for is he can elicit the magical consciousness right from you by being in his presents online or in person.

He has conducted many God Consciousness Awakening events all over the USA and Europe.

A chance to meet him in his wondering is like meeting a wizard you will always remember the experience.

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