Discover YOU    

                               The Journey To You Begins

When you are ready to meet the master within you and take your control back in your reality, not even your own ego will have the power to stop you.

For to own your life is YOUR natural evolution.


Sept 26th /2018 At 5:00pm MT

We meet once a week for 4 weeks live webinar with Q&A

Discover You Online Workshop

Did you come here to create a difference in the world?

Did you come here to heal and raise the vibration of the planet?

Did you come to the planet already knowing higher wisdom as a child?

Your not alone most of my clients and students feel the same way and they made the right choice.

We are not from here, but we did come here to make a difference in this world.

And it all starts to unfold from one simple decision.

To say YES to you and no to the ego world 

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So what happened?

The ego in you and me created a fear loop along time ago to protect you and keep you from stepping into your purpose for being here, because it thought that by you expressing the real you, you would be in danger. 

A fracture was then created and there was 2 of you, the ego you and your true nature then your true nature was suppressed.

This is why when you manifest your reality something gets in the way.   

Until TODAY That IS...

You see it has been a very long time since you freely have been the real you, the magical YOU. 

"End the repeating loop of denial, be your infinite self and create change in your world"  

 Discover YOU

In this 4 week workshop

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Discover You 

With The Trance Alchemist Dr. Dwaine Hartman

Dwaine will be your live Coach for the 4 weeks over zoom so fasten your seat belt.

He has been on the leading edge of spiritual human evolution creating innovative transformation techniques since 1999.

Many of the spiritual experts you see use his work to get fast change.

Thousands of clients and hundreds of trained practitioners,

Dr Dwaine Hartman is a legacy running 2 decades in personal transformation.

Now you get the opportunity to work directly with him in this 4 week workshop.       

It is time to stop hiding and step into your Magical life, the life you intended on coming in here.

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There are other ways to take this program

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