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Hello and thank you for being a part of this shift in consciousness taking place in our beautiful world. We are all feeling it on many levels. Living life through more natural, pleasant feelings really is determined by you consciously choosing to step into your true nature and aligning to the greater part of you which is Source.

Come Feel The Magic Of You 

You are Source at your core, your essence is the divine blueprint from the beginning of time, the essence of pure intelligence. You are simply focusing your energy stream into, a physical body also created with the divines fingerprint and you are here for the experience, called life.

You Are Gods and Goddesses In Human Form 

I want to thank you for investing in yourself. There is no greater investment than you.

We are very excited to make this absolutely ground breaking 2 day, transformational event. Trance Alchemy (Feel The Magic) 2-day event in Greece available to you, with Dr. Dwaine Hartman.

Magic is very real and I consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth. I am blessed to be witness to, the flowering of the human spirit on an everyday basis through my sessions, with wonderful clients, making the choice to become more of who they are.

You Are More Than What They Told You 

This 2-day event will be the most uplifting, core expanding and life changing event you have ever attended. I only say this from experiencing the deeply penetrating changes people go through when they attend my events. The energy is felt. You see, I can not hide my excitement for the humbling position my own Source within put me in. A position which enables me to express my passion and love for people. To be part of the shift in consciousness by assisting people to come into their own Source expression is simply magical.

When You Know Who You Are You Will Be Free 

Stepping into freedom and experiencing our full potential is our natural state. There is a reason you are still seeking. You too, also know that there is something more to this experience called life. Healing the self with the Trance Alchemy process is the fastest, most evolutionary modality out there and I know this to be true because this was my exact intention from the very beginning. Nobody wants a healing modality to endlessly drag on and on and in most cases, people simply stop these types of processes. The amazing part about Trance Alchemy is that it is permanent. So that being said, all you have to do with your after-effects of raising your vibration, is to, simply relax and get used to the new normal of feeling good for no reason at all. The after-effects also include your surrounding reality, creating subtle shifts, by naturally bringing about a soothing effect on others because you will become a higher vibrating frequency, much like a crystal, affecting your reality by emitting your new electromagnetic frequency field. This is who you are.

You Are Vibration 

You will experience the quickest healing process that I know of today, by seeing and feeling it in action through live demonstrations. You will understand and know it personally within yourself and how profoundly magical and fast this modality works.

When You Change Your Vibration You Simply  Change Your Reality

I know many of you are simply tired of feeling stuck with this shift taking place in our part of the world. You are awakening or have awakened to a new reality but many times you feel lonely, misunderstood, out of place. You feel as though what you are actually living and feeling inside are not truly valued creating a need for withdrawal from the world but I am here to tell you that, this is not why you are here, you are not here to fit in. You see, I see you, the real you. I know your inner world. I know you came here to make a difference but you simply got lost along the way. I know that you know deep down that there is another way of being but in your confusion of experiencing this upside-down world, of exclusion, your unhappy state created fear, fear to express the true you, many times to the point of simply not wanting to be here. You have temperately forgotten your powerful ancient roots and through Trance Alchemy you will once again remember the divine in you, becoming a focal point for others to remember it within themselves as well.

I See You ... The Real You 

The light you hold inside is your unbound spirit. You are here to set yourself free and express your light. It's time to unleash your magic. It is time to bring the magic back into our reality. You know it, you feel it in every fiber of your being, you have always known it from the moment you came into this reality that there is a magical way to be, for everyone. This is why we are all here, we are here to usher in the higher frequency of consciousness.

I Stand For The Magic In You ... 

It Is Time You Stand For You Too

What you will accomplish through the interactive live event, the Trance Alchemy Feel the Magic will be forever, life changing. You will experience the 5 core transformational points and much, much more.

These 5 core points with your willingness will allow you to remove, the limiting societal programmed beliefs that are keeping you from your full potential. You will release the internal Critic and hear the loving voice inside loud and clear. You will reconnect to Source. The recognition of the God/Goddess within you and others. Transcending beyond this reality of limitation and control, back into the natural state of being, one of freedom and creation. Re-discover yourself and connect with your inner wisdom, your own TRUTH! Once you come into this state, you can never go back. You will be re-united with your Magical Inner Child aspect that came into this world with the knowledge of Source. Together we will reclaim the stuck and frozen in time child, which was dis-empowered by the ongoing programming of the environment, the lack of encouragement but mostly by the absence of recognition for its true value. All it ever wanted was to be seen and now it is time to be seen in the most powerful way.

Take Back Your Power 

Come and join OUR ever-expanding family of MAGIC, come and meet like minded people and truly experience what authenticity, love, joy and freedom, really feel like. There is never a better moment than NOW to make a life-altering choice. Come and feel what true rebirth feels like.



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Dr. Dwaine Hartman 

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Spring 2018 

Trance Alchemy "Feel The Magic"

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Trance Alchemy "Be The Magic"

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Music for the workshop by Suzka Lemurian Dreams 

 When you are ready

You will come to the river
The source of all waters

Here you will wash away the heaviness
All that has kept you in your sorrow of you
Freeing you into the delight of living

Only when you are weary enough of postponement
Will you choose to let go into the truth of you
Letting go of all you are not

There in the reflection of the river
You will see you
In your true nature
The path to all great healing ends here

By: Dwaine Hartman

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