Inner Child Work

Over the years I have developed Inner Child Work to a whole new level. Understanding that the main reasons why inner child work was so painful,ineffective and unending was my motivation to make this work fun and freeing. I knew there was something very important with this process but the method was off.  

I heard over and over again from people that they had already done Inner Child Work, but the symptoms still remained. This got me curious enough to question and create a new way to do this work.

I respect the vibration a person holds so much I had to create something easy, freeing and effective that didn't lower their vibration. 

Now I hear people say something much different "I have never experienced Inner Child Work in this way it is so quick and fun, why"? Well I have spent years refining and perfecting the process that is why. 

Heal the past quick, easy and fun. 

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Magical Inner Child

Everyone I have ever talked to remembers a time when life was much more magical. There was an ease to life a freedom and a deeper connection to their source within. Most people I know want to return to this time in their life.

What if you could?

Awakening the magical inner child is a process that does this exact thing. What would it be like for you to go beyond what has happened to you in life and simply reconnect to this original magical self, the one that knows all?

Well you would change your whole life.

Since 1999 I have been refining inner child work with my clients and evolving the method to make it effortless and fun to heal. In my approach to inner child work you will find it swift, easy and even fun to heal past wounds.

I always keep in mind the emotional vibration of the client so vibrations always go up. Take a journey to meet and heal your child within in. This quick and easy method of healing takes all the pain out of Inner Child Healing.

Once the wounds have been swiftly healed something very interesting happens, the magical inner child is free to come out and share.

This is the you that came into this world knowing everything... before the societal hypnotic trance .

To me this magical inner child is the higher self filled with wisdom, experience and magic.

Dare to meet your own magical self?

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The Magic Has Always Been In You

Awaken the magical inner child
Includes removing the critic
Level1 Inner Child Work
Level 2 Awakening the Magical Inner child
4 weeks

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