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Personal private sessions with

Dr.Dwaine Hartman

The Trance Alchemist

Start this year with a bang. When you are in control of your personal reality ... life simply gets magical.

You see life was never meant to be so insanely difficult. Life was to be fun and an expression of you in your creation but when you were influenced to bury the true you and take on A false personality things went wrong, didn't it.

I know how to bypass the influence and access this magical part of you and once you remember it pops out then life gets really fun. You become like a magician in your life and people wonder why you are so lucky.

What couldn't you change or learn even transform into if you were in your true power?

People ask me so what do specialize in ...I specialize in personal transformation and I am not only good at what I do I am also very quick. Anything from moving people beyond blocks of every kind to Ascension and teleportation. There is nothing beyond your grasp.

So how does it work? we meet on zoom, I look into your eyes and you begin to remember the magic in you. I work with your own mirror neurons and they mimic what you see so I go into a specific state in me and you automatically start to copy that state... then you begin to remember.

Beyond right doings and wrongdoings, there is a field ... I will meet you there.

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