All Coaching is done online over Zoom

Let us start with the 4 week coaching program.

First off I want you to know that after 20 years of full time change work I have seen everything.

But if you are wondering if I have worked with your situation you can BOOK A FREE CALL to find out. 

In this program I will get you accustom to the gifts and magic you hold within to change your reality.

Even though this is an introductory program it is not light on the change you will experience.

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4 week Intro program Private Coaching  

With Dr. Dwaine Hartman The Trance Alchemist

1hr Appointment A Week with integrative tasks 

Video recording allowed over zoom

For more info book a free call

The 4 week private coaching program

Is an intro to what you get in the 8 week coaching and or the Trance Alchemy Training programs. 

 Dwaine will use his cutting edge techniques to teach you a fast way to release your blocks. With his 20 years of experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in personal transformation work, he has seen and worked with every kind of inquiry but always holds an openness to your specific circumstances and sacred way of change and expansion.

"I looked into his eyes and poof, I started to remember something ancient and powerful about me. Dwaine is amazing at what he does and the direct connection to source that occurs from his coaching is mind blowing"

Thank you Dwaine love Vee

His true gift is the magic he elicits from you. States of being you never knew you had available will come magically popping to the surface.  Being these states are yours you will always own them after the coaching is complete. States of being hold frequencies, vibrations and these vibrations are linked to what you manifest in life. The higher the frequency the more flow you will experience and a freedom from the stuck reality into expansion.   

Frequency is everything in manifesting your life. Most people do not even realize that the apex to manifestation is you are manifesting you into different experiences all the time. Now what if you could own the ability to manifest yourself into different experiences, it all has to do with frequency and vibration. Dwaine knows how to help you raise frequency quickly it is his specialty. Simply detecting and moving beyond the blocks that keep you from your higher truth of living. Together you will create with him your new vibration and learn how to keep yourself free.      

You will feel the effects of his 20 years of experience, in your first session. Dwaine works on the fly with what ever you choose to transcend, heal or overcome in life. He uses a connection from your higher being and intuition to bring about amazing changes in you. You will be given weekly tasks and disciplines to move beyond the miss manifesting ego. You will experience the magic of you in harmonic resonance as the commander of your life again.

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Payment option 175 per week

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