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God Consciousness Activation

The ultimate magical experiences to own who you really are. Something has been hidden from you and only when you activate this part of you will you truly know how free and magical you really are. This 4 week program is for the brave who are ready to wake up to the.

God / Goddess consciousness within


This is a group 4 week program Online with Dr. Dwaine Hartman. When your not quite sure what program you would like to do specifically, but you want acceleration in vibration (to feel good) choose the discover you program. In this program you and I will uncover and discover what you need to do to achieve what you want. This program is like its name discoverer you which is open to your desire as to what you want to work on 

 Remove The Internal Critic

Because there is magic in you ready to come out. The kind of magic that will change your life forever. This magic lives right within you. There is only ever been one thing that stands in your way.  "The Internal Critic" Remove the critic it is time to get your life back.

Awaken The Magical Inner Child

You were born Magic. It is time to heal the inner child and get to know something more profound in you

This part of you is alive and well and still remembers where you came from and why your here. 

Because it is time to bring the magic back in your life.

Empath Up Grade

Most of the time empath's seclude themselves from the world because of the amount of energy they pick up. They avoid crowds and malls because they can't stand that much energy coming at them.  

In this program, together we will disconnect from the intrusive bombardment of incoming energy you feel and introduce you to your true abilities are as an empath.

Transforming Fear

Hello I'm Dwaine please take the time to learn to free your mind.

It will be the best 45 min you have ever spent. In this seminar I will take you through several processes you can do for yourself that will 

Transform fear into freedom.

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