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Raise Your Vibration

and reclaim your life

Once you uncover the core of what keeps your vibration down you will free yourself and own how to rise again.

There is a process to undo what has been done to you. You think that your low vibration is all your fault. Well it is not entirely all your fault.

You came here to create a difference in the world.

You came here to heal and raise the vibration of the planet.

You came to the planet already knowing the higher wisdom as a child, it was natural.

But you were suppressed at a young age fractured into 2 consciousnesses and the original magical consciousness was suppressed. This is why you feel trapped it is because you are.

For over 20 years I have worked with clients in the undoing of what has been done freeing them back into their original consciousness they were born with.  

Awaken your magical inner child

And step back into your original god consciousness
We are not from here, but we did come here to make a difference in this world.

There are true transformational things in life that can't be explained ... they must be felt.

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So what happened?

We simply got lost in an alternate consciousness for a few thousand years. We were hypnotized at a young age by the societal influence and fractured into to two parts.

This is what brought your vibration down in the first place. Being fractured into two, the real magical you and their design societal self, this division weakens you. 

In the social self you were boxed into confinement and ridiculed for expressing your true magical self... you fell into a prison but you also hold the key. 

Today the nightmare ends

Your not alone most of my clients and students have felt the same way and they made the choice to discover the freedom your about to feel if you choose to.

We are not from here, but we did come here to make a difference in this world.

And it all starts to unfold from one simple decision.

Raise your vibration and Get Your Power Back.

RE Discover You

With The Trance Alchemist Dr. Dwaine Hartman

Dwaine will be your live Coach over zoom for the next few weeks so fasten your seat belt.

He has been on the leading edge of spiritual human evolution, creating innovative transformation techniques since 1999.

Many of the spiritual experts you see use his work to get fast change.

Thousands of clients and hundreds of trained practitioners,

Dr Dwaine Hartman is a legacy running 2 decades in personal transformation.

Now you get the opportunity to work directly with him in his private coaching program.       

It is time to stop hiding and step into your Magical life, the life you intended on coming in here.

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