Remove The Critic

The internal dialog is the critic and is the ego mind. Basically If you really look at it clearly you have an infinite self a god self and you have the counter to that the critic. This critic is designed to keep you down in vibration.    

  • Have you ever wanted to advance spiritually and found something blocking you?
  • What about wanting to do your passion in life but hearing so much internal negativity that you just put it off.
  • Are you a person that just wants to feel good but there just seems to be a negative repeating feeling you can't get away from??

 The base to all human suffering is the lack of connection to our supportive unconditional source. So what do you think gets in the way of that connection .... that is right ... the INTERNAL CRITIC. Now what if I was to share with you that this part doesn't even belong to you would you believe me?

 What if I were to share with you there was an influence that wanted to control the human race ... to dis-empower HU-MANS to insure you would never reach your full mental and spiritual potential. What if this group wanted humans to feel bad for no reason at all because this would diminish the light you hold within you, the light you need to feel good and advance to higher levels of consciousness and manifestation.

 How would this influencing group go about doing that you might ask... well, one would have to start in early childhood. One would have to influence heavily through societal based upbringing to convince a perfectly loving being to self reflect in judgement. To compare self to others and criticize the self and its own actions. One would have to convince this loving being to judge it self in every societal setting. Then this criticism would move even deeper inside occupying time spent alone, in front of the mirror, even the car, making this act so prevalent in people that it became a societal norm. There would be no where to go to get away from this internal criticism. There would only be an ongoing chatter that continuously down plays every action in fear because of the societal rejection.

 With the paranoia about what others might be thinking, there you would have it, a perfect self governing mind trap. A mind trap where humans are boxed in feeling fear for enlightened thoughts and afraid to even start their true purpose for being here. Dose this sound familiar?... i bet it does!  

This internal critic does not belong to you it is not you... you learned it over time ... and once you remove it you can hear the song of source in your heart once again like you did when you were a child. 

What does it feel like once it is removed .... like bringing yourself from the dark into the sunlight. To hear, see and feel the love of source come from you again is divine... like something you felt when you were just a child.

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