Personal sessions with Dr. Dwaine Hartman

Arthur Cafalier


The best investment of your life. Dwaine is a genius at what he does. He is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and beyond competent. He found the way and the right questions to ask to make me put the pieces I had together to paint the whole picture and remove the confusion. Whatever you need he helps you help yourself, and come back into your own power. You do the work, he guides you. I was deeply depressed most of my life, the journey was long and painful and after these 4 sessions I feel a burden was lifted off my back and I can affirm that I finally feel free for the first time. Thank you so very much !

Option 1 Online Only

GIVE IT A GO BEFORE YOU COMMIT to a bigger program.

Private session 1 hr. One session one subject. Get one session with Dr.D limited to one subject


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 All sessions and programs are done Online only


Option 2 Online Only

Private program

Discover YOU private Pkg 4 sessions 1hr per week for 4 weeks + tasks

This is a 4 week personal program you pay for 3 and get 1 extra = 4 Private sessions with Dwaine The Trance Alchemist

In these private sessions he will take you through all his cutting edge techniques so you feel the effects of the change in you plus work on the fly with what ever you choose to transcend, heal or overcome in life. You will be given weekly tasks and disciplines to move beyond the miss manifesting ego in your life and experience the magic of you.

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Option 3 Online Only

Discover YOU 8 session program 1hr per week for 8 weeks + tasks

You buy at the price of 6 sessions you get 2 sessions on me   

 These are In private sessions

Some people like more time to do their work with me in private. This private program can be used for any of my group programs offered like inner child work, empath upgrade, remove the critic, god consciousness activation will all be includes.

You get more time with me to go through all my cutting edge techniques and you will have all the time to do custom Transformational work with me too.

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Specific Programs these are per-designed Private sessions

If You already know what you want

Entering your magical mind

Critic Removal

Inner Child Work

Empath upgrade

God Consciousness activation

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