Discoveries Group Program

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Discoveries Group Program 

The discoveries group program with Dr. Dwaine Hartman

Is a 4 week online group program 

This is an Online program that nails it when it comes to awakening your passion, accelerating your spiritual journey, and gets to the point of the matter that frees you to, manifest your sovereign reality.

Once you commit there will be no wiggle room anymore for your societal mind. The mind that miss manifests your life.   

You have seen him on YouTube and in countless Interviews or  at his world wide live events. You know Dr. Dwaine Hartman is on point when it comes to spiritual acceleration. His 20 years of experience shines through when working with turning your blocks into freedom.     

The Discoveries program is your own self Mastery program where you learn the secrets to your personal evolution, an evolution that has been kept from you since birth.

His program is filled with all his best life changing strategies that he has created up until this point. These strategies will blow your mind because they are grounded in feeling, YES, that is right, you will feel the acceleration in vibration and own it.   

The small intimate group setting, will consist of 4 people per group, so there is plenty of time for everyone but you need to act now!

All you need to do is, COMMIT and show up DEDICATED to YOUR change, and the magic will happen.   

In this group program we will uncover and discover your magical secret and unleash this Magic into your life again.

This is what you will receive.

Entering your magical mind 

cost 350.00   

Remove the critic 

cost 350.00 

Inner child work & magical inner child 


Empath upgrade 

cost 350.00

Plus you will see him in action creating specific strategies that fit YOU and others, for your own education on how the magical consciousness works.  

Cost invaluable

Plus Coaching Support, Inspirational quotes and poems for the 4 weeks    

Total 1,600 invaluable

What would it be worth to you to end your struggles and move into your passionate life, in freedom?  

Act now! and you get to experience all of his magical life changing strategies for only... 

600.00 Canadian   

Bear in mind Canadian dollars are much cheaper

Check out the exchange rates for your currency.     

Dr. Dwaine Hartman

Is accessible to you from anywhere in the world with the freedom of the internet. 

He will be meeting with you live once a week, for 4 weeks

through Zoom, where you will receive your weekly practices.

Come committed and dedicated to the change and magic will appear in your life again.  

Make the commitment  

Payment options are available upon request  

For questions you may have, schedule an information call 

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Discoveries Personal Program

Private Coaching

"No"... I want the Discoveries Program

 in private please with Dr. Dwaine's undivided attention for 4 weeks.  


Here it is, for the same benefits as the group program only in private. 

Book your Private Coaching Discoveries Program with

 Dr. Dwaine Hartman here  

Make the commitment

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The Affiliate Program

Share links make money and spread the word about what I do. You make 10% of sales while encouraging people to step back into their magic.

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Working With Dwaine

Always A Magical Experience

Dr. Dwaine Hartman C.C.H

The Trance Alchemist 

Dr. Dwaine is a Trance Alchemist 
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Personal Transformation Coach and creator of The Hartman Approach to Hypnotherapy.

Dr. D has been in practice since 1999 and has worked with everything. Fears,Phobias, Regression Therapy, Past life Regression, Abduction Discovery Inner Child work and the magical inner child. Emotional Alchemy, Human Harmonics, Trance Alchemy the high vibrational work. 

His specialty is emotional vibration, manifestation and removing blocks that keep you from your own unbounded spirit the creator state. 

You have never had sessions like this he is quick to help you resolve the issue and faster at getting you to your desired state that manifests the reality you want. 

If you have felt stuck in your spiritual growth book a session now and get back the freedom you deserve.

More about me Click Here 

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