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Trance Alchemy...

Be The Magic ...Be A Trance Alchemist

What if you could work online from your phone, laptop, or computer to help people raise vibration and heal their own life. Over Skype, Zoom or Google This is no longer a dream it is reality, giving you the freedom of traveling and working with clients. Now imagine yourself armed with this amazing course. You will learn 20years of experience in 16 weeks on how true healing works from Dr. Dwaine Hartman 

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Trance Alchemy 101 is a 16 week course

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Athens Greece @ InnerFlow - Athens

What is Trance Alchemy

Trance Alchemy is a new modality that has been created by Dr. Dwaine Hartman. It is fast, effective and complete. There was only ever one thing to realize in healing and that was who are you because your identity is holding you or freeing you. If you can comprehend you are God then you are your own healer. If you want a method of working with people where you give the power back to people and see them come alive with their own abilities to change, You just found it.

The change is remarkable when you start with the person being their own God

From the creator of God Consciousness Activation

Dr. Dwaine Hartman has invested over 20 years of practice and research into what really constitutes healing. What he has found might just surprise you.

"There is a state of being in us all that is free of this reality everybody is searching for it outside, but it has never been outside, the trick is to elicit it from the inside of a client" "Pure magic comes from the inside out creating reality as it goes and you as a being are part of that changing reality"


"There is an ancient energy returning to the planet and it is coming through you and me.

This energy is not foreign in fact it has been with us, inside us all the time but as the Vail is lifting we become more aware of the power within us all. 

It is time to reclaim our sovereign right to our true life."  

Dr. Dwaine Hartman

The truth about societal hypnosis

For thousands of years humanity has been under a societal trance that has reduced our ability to change, heal and transform our lives. This hypnotic trance can only be truly seen for what it is once awakened from it. This course is designed to do just that. You help yourself then you awaken people from this limiting trance and bring them out into the light of their true nature. In our true nature we are not limited, we are free to create our own reality, heal and transform our life. Like all truth, there is a time for it to surface and nothing can hold it back. The time has come for humanity to get up off its knees, take back their power, and live in truth. The time is now for people to know, experience and live the true reality of who we all are.

If you are ready to step into this spiritual profession of awakening 

Take the course and help us awaken others... it is time.

Online career training

Online Trance Alchemy Course

With Dr. Dwaine Hartman Teaching people to free the minds others since 1999

It Is Time To Change The Game!!

Become a new kind of therapist, coach, or healer, one that awakens people to their true nature. Once in our true nature we are free to change and transform our self, quite quickly. Experience the change as you become free you can free others.

It is not new news ...Humanity has already been hypnotized into levels of dis-empowerment. It is time to wake up ... Step out of the box of limitation, and free our minds and spirits to create a new reality.

People need you to help them come home to their true nature and if you are such a person that wants to help in this awakening, sign up.

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