My Flash sale is extended because you do indeed need me now  Limited time offer for my friends  

Single sessions buy as many as you like for this low price

For singe session or

Apply it to any 4 or 8 session program I offer

Reg 175 per session you save 75 dollars but act now. 

Awakening the magical inner child ~ 4 sessions

God Consciousness activation ~ 4 sessions

Empath upgrade ~ 2 sessions 

Remove the critic ~ 2 sessions

Or simply discoveries where you go from any point A to B this work is about state change for your state is what is manifesting your reality ~ 4 sessions is a good idea but you can do it one session at a time.

4 week coaching - 4sessions now 400 reg 700 

8 week coaching - 8sessions now 800 reg 1200

100 per session

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