The originator of God Consciousness Activation

In this interview with Kelli, Dr. Dwaine Hartman dose a 2hr discussion on the subject of stepping into this God state, what happened to our natural evolution with this state and a simple example of the activation that you get to see. The response on Kelli tells it all. 

"We have been diverted from our natural evolution because it makes us more controllable, It is time to get our power back"  

Dr. Dwaine Hartman

Exclusive 2hr interview with Dr. Dwaine Hartman

In this interview you will hear how we have been tricked into relinquishing your power by the use of societal hypnosis. You will learn about your own sovereignty as a spiritual free being.

"you are sick, troubled and blocked from your true power because you won't admit that you are God"

Dr. Dwaine Hartman    

On April 15 2016 

Suzka and Dwaine released this recording on Suzka's album

Lemurian Dreams

Dwaine uses most of the music on this album for his live events

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